• The SANAMASK is a multi-layer facial mask suitable for comfortable and continuous use. It inhibits and limits pathogen transmission in both inhalation and exhalation modes.  
    • The SANAMASK  should be used in conjunction with good social distancing practices. It is not intended to be a substitute for social distancing.  
    • The patent-pending SANAMASK-Ultra consists of four separate, interleaved layers of silver imbibed cotton and copper metal. Unlike other silver and copper containing masks, the SANAMASK Ultra does not contain any dangerous silver or copper nanoparticles that may be inhaled by the wearer or broadcast into the environment.The durable anti-bacterial and virucidal properties of copper and silver  have been known since before the times of the ancient Romans. The unique properties of silver and copper materials to efficiently kill pathogens has been repeatedly and reproducibly verified in modern-day-research. 
    • The one size fits all mask is made of durable materials  and has the flammability properties of woven cotton.   The materials are designed for repeated comfortable use and can be readily cleaned by simply swabbing both the front and back with commercially available (70% isopropyl alcohol) wipes or even with UV-C light. The mask should not be immersed in a liquid of any kind.
    • Most importantly, SANAMASK is a critical and necessary component of your protection strategy for you, your loved ones, and members of your community.

    SANAMASK - Ultra

    • Clean after use with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Simply swab the back and front of the mask.

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