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SanaBit's breakthrough technology uses low-intensity magnetic fields to enhance the body's natural repair processes resulting in healthier tissue.

  • Exposure to magnetic fields increases mitochondrial activity in cells

  • Mitochondria create energy for cells to support the body's natural repair processes

  • This boost in energy leads to shorter and quicker recovery times

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of Sanabit technology

Quick Recovery

With our products, you will achieve quicker recovery times. This provides you with the freedom you need to accomplish your goals. 

Enhanced Healing

Magnetic fields offer better healing when used with traditional methods which comes into play many years after injuries.

Low Cost

Our products are cheaper than the alternatives. With Sanabit you can save money with a higher quality product.


Through noninvasive methods, we avoid pain by indirectly healing wounds. This means we do not further agitate injuries.


Sanabit helps you avoid intrusive surgery and procedures needed for recovery. You can avoid all the risks associated with surgery.

High Quality

Our standards are high, and all of our products reflect that. With Sanabit, you get durable and long-lasting products.

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